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Tommy Bahama Backpack Folding Beach Chair in Blue Costco UK
Tommy Bahama Backpack Folding Beach Chair in Blue Costco UK from


When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, having the right gear is essential. One of the most important items to bring along is a comfortable and portable beach chair. Costco, the popular wholesale retailer, offers a wide range of backpack beach chairs that are perfect for any beachgoer. In this article, we will explore the different options available, their features, and the cost.

Types of Backpack Beach Chairs

Costco offers various types of backpack beach chairs to cater to different needs and preferences. One popular option is the folding backpack beach chair. This type of chair can be easily folded and carried on your back, allowing for easy transportation. Another option is the reclining backpack beach chair, which allows you to adjust the backrest to your desired position for maximum comfort. Additionally, Costco also offers backpack beach chairs with built-in coolers, providing a convenient way to keep your beverages chilled during your beach outing.


The backpack beach chairs available at Costco come with numerous features that enhance comfort and convenience. These chairs are typically made with durable and lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel frames and breathable fabric. Many models also feature adjustable headrests, cup holders, and storage pockets, allowing you to relax and keep your essentials within reach. The backpack straps make it easy to carry the chair to and from the beach without straining your arms.


The cost of backpack beach chairs at Costco can vary depending on the brand, features, and materials used. On average, you can expect to find backpack beach chairs at Costco ranging from $30 to $100. The more basic models, without additional features like coolers or reclining capabilities, tend to be on the lower end of the price range. Chairs with more advanced features or higher-quality materials may be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Keep in mind that Costco often offers discounts and promotions, so you may be able to find even better deals on backpack beach chairs.

Benefits of Backpack Beach Chairs

Investing in a backpack beach chair from Costco offers several benefits. Firstly, the portability of these chairs makes them incredibly convenient. You can easily carry them on your back, leaving your hands free to carry other beach essentials. The lightweight design ensures that you won’t feel weighed down while walking to and from the beach. Additionally, the built-in features such as coolers and storage pockets provide added convenience, allowing you to keep your drinks and belongings easily accessible while you relax.


Backpack beach chairs from Costco are a fantastic investment for anyone who loves spending time at the beach. With their comfortable design, portability, and convenient features, these chairs are a must-have for beachgoers. Whether you prefer a basic folding chair or a more advanced reclining model, Costco offers a wide selection to choose from. So, the next time you plan a beach outing, don’t forget to grab a backpack beach chair from Costco to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.





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