Cliq Chair Replacement Parts: Keeping Your Favorite Chair Functional And Comfortable

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Are you a proud owner of a CLIQ chair? These innovative chairs are known for their exceptional comfort and sleek design, making them a popular choice among individuals seeking a stylish and functional seating option. However, like any other piece of furniture, CLIQ chairs may require replacement parts over time to maintain their optimal performance. In this article, we will explore the various replacement parts available for CLIQ chairs and how they can help you keep your favorite chair in top-notch condition.

1. Seat Cushions

The seat cushion is an essential component of any chair, providing comfort and support to the user. CLIQ chairs offer replacement seat cushions that are specifically designed to fit their unique seat shape and size. Whether your current cushion has worn out or you simply want to upgrade to a more luxurious option, replacing the seat cushion can breathe new life into your CLIQ chair.

2. Armrests

Armrests play a crucial role in providing additional support and comfort while using your CLIQ chair. If your armrests have become worn, damaged, or you simply want to customize your chair with a different style, CLIQ offers replacement armrests in a variety of materials and finishes. Upgrading your armrests can enhance your overall seating experience and give your chair a fresh look.

3. Backrests

The backrest of your CLIQ chair is responsible for providing optimal lumbar support and maintaining proper posture. Over time, the backrest may lose its shape or become less supportive. CLIQ offers replacement backrests that are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and support. Investing in a new backrest can significantly improve your seating experience and help alleviate any discomfort or pain caused by an old or worn-out backrest.

4. Casters

CLIQ chairs are equipped with smooth-rolling casters that allow for easy mobility and maneuverability. However, constant use or rough surfaces can cause the casters to wear out or become damaged. CLIQ offers replacement casters that are compatible with their chairs, ensuring smooth and effortless movement. Replacing the casters can extend the lifespan of your CLIQ chair and prevent any potential damage to your floors.

5. Gas Lifts

The gas lift mechanism in your CLIQ chair enables height adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect seating position. If your chair is no longer adjusting to your desired height or has started to sink unexpectedly, it may be time to replace the gas lift. CLIQ offers replacement gas lifts that are easy to install, ensuring your chair remains adjustable and functional.

6. Upholstery

The upholstery of your CLIQ chair not only adds to its overall aesthetic appeal but also affects its comfort and durability. If your chair’s upholstery has become stained, torn, or worn out, CLIQ offers replacement upholstery options to give your chair a fresh and stylish look. Upgrading the upholstery can transform the appearance of your chair and make it look brand new.

7. Mechanism

The mechanism of your CLIQ chair is responsible for its reclining and tilting functions. If you are experiencing issues with the reclining mechanism or find it no longer operates smoothly, CLIQ offers replacement mechanisms to restore your chair’s functionality. Replacing the mechanism can ensure that you can enjoy the full range of motion and adjustability that CLIQ chairs are known for.

8. Headrests

If your CLIQ chair comes with a headrest and it has become damaged or shows signs of wear, CLIQ offers replacement headrests to keep your chair comfortable and supportive. A properly functioning headrest can provide added neck and head support, making your seating experience even more enjoyable.

9. Accessories

CLIQ also offers various accessories that can enhance your chair’s functionality and comfort. From lumbar support pillows to cup holders and tray tables, these accessories can be easily attached to your CLIQ chair, providing additional convenience and customization options.


With CLIQ chair replacement parts, you can ensure that your favorite chair remains functional and comfortable for years to come. Whether you need to replace a worn-out cushion, upgrade your armrests, or restore the reclining mechanism, CLIQ offers a wide range of replacement parts to meet your needs. By investing in these replacement parts, you can prolong the lifespan of your CLIQ chair and continue to enjoy its exceptional comfort and style.


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