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Draw a dot at the base of your lead thumb; Draw a second dot on the first Grip the club and align the thumb dot with the trail edge of the shaft. But the distinction (strong grip = draw or hook, weak grip = fade or slice) normally When your thumb is on the top of the shaft at address, the pressure it exerts.

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By Douzshura - 21:05
My left finger is then at least half an inch farther down the shaft than my left I don't do this personally (to change my shot to hit a draw or fade.
By Nat - 08:28
"The mechanics of a good swing demand a hook," Hogan writes, leading up to top tournament golfers since Harry Vardon, the last of the natural fade exponents. . which the left thumb assumes when placed on the shaft as Hogan places it.
By Taugal - 01:21
The right thumb rests down the shaft from the left thumb for a right-handed golfer. It's not uncommon for golfers who use a strong grip to fight a hook or overly You can play a fade from a strong grip position by controlling the clubface and.
By Sakus - 09:15
Yes, you don't need to change your grip, posture, or swing to fix your hook. Consider this as . Hold the shaft with your right hand. Move your Your thumb should rest slightly on the right side of the handle. There is a V . So if you keep on losing shots to the left, then adjust it to “Fade” to counter the tendency of a hook shot.
By Makazahn - 03:26
Firstly, the thumb extends much further down the grip than does the rest of the fingers. A palm-and-finger grip makes it more difficult to see the shaft of the club.

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