How Do You Say Chair In Spanish? A Guide To Different Words For Chair In Spanish

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The Different Words for Chair in Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, one of the first things people often want to know is how to say common everyday items like “chair.” In Spanish, there are actually several words you can use to refer to a chair, depending on the context and region. Let’s explore some of the most common words for chair in Spanish:

1. Sillón

Sillón is the Spanish word for a comfortable armchair or a plush chair. It is typically used to refer to larger, more luxurious chairs that you might find in a living room or a study. If you want to say “armchair” in Spanish, sillón is the word to use.

2. Silla

Silla is the general word for a chair in Spanish. It can refer to any type of chair, from a dining chair to a desk chair. If you’re unsure which word to use, silla is a safe bet. It’s the most commonly used word for chair in Spanish and is understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

3. Fuerte

Fuerte is not a direct translation of the word “chair,” but it can be used to describe a strong and sturdy chair. If you want to emphasize that a chair is durable or well-built, you can use the word fuerte to convey that meaning.

4. Preocupe

Preocupe is not a word that directly translates to “chair” either, but it can be used in certain contexts to refer to a chair. Specifically, it is a term used in some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, to refer to a folding chair or a temporary seating arrangement. So, if you’re in Mexico and someone mentions a preocupe, they’re talking about a folding chair.

Using the Right Word for Chair in Spanish

Now that you know some of the different words for chair in Spanish, you might be wondering how to choose the right word in different situations. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Consider the Context

Think about the specific type of chair you’re referring to and choose the word that best fits that description. If you’re talking about a plush armchair, sillón is the right word. If you’re talking about a regular chair, silla is the most appropriate choice.

2. Take Regional Differences into Account

Keep in mind that different Spanish-speaking countries may have their own preferred words for chair. For example, while silla is widely understood, some regions may use alternative words like butaca or sitial. If you’re in a specific country or region, it’s a good idea to learn the local word for chair.

3. Use Silla as a Safe Option

If you’re unsure which word to use, silla is always a safe option. It’s the most commonly used word for chair and will be understood by Spanish speakers from different regions.


Learning the different words for chair in Spanish can be helpful when communicating in Spanish-speaking countries or with Spanish speakers. Whether you’re referring to a plush armchair, a regular chair, a sturdy chair, or a folding chair, there is a specific word you can use to convey your meaning accurately. Remember to consider the context and regional differences when choosing the right word for chair in Spanish. Happy learning!


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